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Michael Zappellini is a Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotist, based in Redondo Beach California. Michael is a skilled and experienced practitioner who consistently achieves exellent results with his clients, he brings a depth of knowledge following working with people from many different background. These people include corporate executives, sport professional, actors, management professionals, people in life transition, parents and students. Michael philosophy is to assist his clients to reach their fullest potential.  In addition he helps them to recognize their own inner resources and strengths.

Michael was born in Milan Italy and has lived in Manhattan Beach for the last 21 years. He is a graduate PhD. of Neuro Psychology 1981 (State University of Milan) He has been involved with hypnosis for about 45 years and has pursued advanced  training and continues to research new techniques and modalities including NLP and Guided Imagery to reach the maximum efficiency. He is passionate about his work and clients and he is committed to his personal  and professional development, which enhances his work as a practitioner.

Michael is a member of several professional bodies including the American Hypnosis Association, American Counseling Association, International  Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association and Hypnotherapist Union Local#472 of which he is an accredited member.


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