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Our smoking cessation program consist of 3 sessions, and a  CD if necessary.

The fee is $500.

The dangers of smoking have been studied and analyzed for years. The detrimental effects of smoking on people’s health and their activities are public knowledge. And the vast majority of smokers say they want to stop. Why don’t they? It’s hard to stop smoking even when you know, intellectually, that you should. That’s because the habit of smoking is not maintained by an intellectual decision. Hypnosis works by eliminating the desire to smoke, whether it is from identification or replacement, the two principal reasons for smoking. Identification is when the smoker indulges in the habit because he admires (or associates) with others who smoke, i.e., parents, peers or celebrities. Identification smoking is the most common cause and the easiest one to eliminate. Replacement is when smoking takes the place of a previous habit (such as overeating), is used to replace something that is missing (such as companionship, love, acceptance, self-esteem, security, independence), or when it fills a void created by anxiety or boredom. Replacement smokers often receive sensual gratification from smoking. They enjoy the feeling of the cigarette in their mouth or the taste of tobacco. For cigar and pipe smokers, the act of lighting often becomes a ritual. For both types of smokers, smoking is both a physical and mental process. So, to be effective, the smoking cessation program must address both those aspects. Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking in many ways: by helping you discover the subconscious needs that smoking fills for you, by reinforcing the alternative means of meeting those needs, by creating a strong image of yourself as a non-smoker and by serving as a means of relaxation during the anxiety of nicotine withdrawal.

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