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This is what people say about their experience with hypnotherapy

Robert K. says:
Hypnosis is far from what I expected and I encourage you to use it improve your self control. In my case it was to quit smoking and it worked! Thank you Michael Zappellini for being my therapist and teaching me how to guide my subconscious and conscious minds towards deep relaxation and accomplishing what I desire. I look forward to checking in with you in the future and leave your sessions as a thankful friend. All the best!

Robert S. says:

I am an attorney who has been in practice for over 30 years.  A few months ago, I began to have serious problems sleeping.  I tried everything I could think of, including pills, massages, baths, soothing musical CD's, home remedies too eccentric for me to mention; however, nothing seemed to work.  I was getting very depressed. 
The only time I would sleep was with sleeping pills and this was getting very debilitating.  I was recommended to Dr. Zappellini by a friend of mine, another attorney who had had the same problem several years earlier.  Dr. Zappellini helped me conquer my insomnia after about 5 sessions.  His basic approach to really getting to know me and the reasons for my problem, along with the hypnosis therapy and mental exercises that he taught me, allowed me to get rid of the sleeping pills.  I can honestly say that I have not missed one night of sleep since I last saw Dr. Zappellini.

Rose F. says:
knew deep down that the time had come to stop smoking. I could not lie to myself anymore. I was coughing, my voice was feeling hoarse and most of all, I felt a pressure in my chest. I tried the patch and it made me sick. I tried the nicotine gum and it made me nauseous. I tried going cold turkey but the cravings were even greater.
I started smoking late in life, that is, I had my first cigarette at 30. I am now 50 years old. I was also harbouring the illusion that I could stop at any time, that it was just a question of wanting to stop. I was partly right because the volition to stop is important but I also did not realise at the time that I needed some help. Someone said that quitting heroine was easier than quitting cigarettes. I do not know about heroine, which seems like a terrible addiction, but I would never have thought that cigarette addiction is just as strong.
My brother, who was a longtime smoker, stopped smoking by hypnotherapy. He kept urging me to seek a hypnotherapist. In my mind, I associated hypnotherapy to the stereotype of someone swinging a pendulum and slowly taking control of an unsuspecting mind. My brother is a no-nonsense type of guy and the thought of someone controlling his mind is laughable. He was so enthusiastic about it that I thought that it was worth a shot since nothing had worked until now anyways.
I was in Los Angeles for the Christmas holidays. My brother invited Dr. Michael Zappellini to Christmas dinner. I knew that Michael was a hypnotherapist and I casually asked him about his method to stop smoking. Michael, being the enthusiast that he is, suggested a session before dinner was served. i did not know what to expect, but never in my wildest thoughts did I imagine that I had smoked my last cigarette one hour before. I can honestly say that I have been smoke free for 9 months. Since I live in another city, Michael and I have communicated through e-mail. He has been supportive and helpful and has a wonderful sense of humor. This really has been the best Christmas gift and I thank Michael Zappellini for it.

Jane B. Says:
My husband complained that I would snore and keep him awake…I just thought we would have to live with snoring – what else was there to do?
I happened to have a conversation with Dr. Zappellini, who said that he thought that hypnotherapy could help.
I was skeptical that I could even be hypnotized, but was willing to give it a try.
The session was  very pleasant and I felt deeply relaxed.  I remembered the soothing sound of Dr. Z’s voice, and the gentle directions he was giving.
My husband says that now I barley snore anymore, and if I do start, it seems like I ”change my mind“ and breathe in a calmer, quieter way!!  Who knew??  Obviously my sub-conscious  got the message and it has affected my behavior even in sleep!!
I’ll never forget the feeling of deep peace & relaxation during the hypnosis session.  It was lovely and I certainly recommend it for anyone.   I’m sure it can help many problems!!

Dan H. Says:
I am a sales professional that has to give presentations often.  They had often made me nervous, but one day I had a full blown panic attack.   When it happened a second and third time, I knew I needed help and needed help fast.
Dr.Michael Zappellini was able to quickly get me the results I needed to continue my profession without fear. I am now able to present again without the fear of a panic attack happening. I recommend  Dr.Zappellini for anyone that is struggling with anxiety or panic attacks.  He is very helpful and quickly and effective.

Dean O. Says:
It has been one month since smoking my last cigarette while I was en route to see Dr. Zappellini. That's great in itself, but I'm very happy to report there have been no cravings and no longing. The hypnosis was relaxing but otherwise almost unremarkable, much like a gentle, guided-visualization exercise.
The memory of smoking occasionally occurs to me, but I simply use the opportunity to remind myself that I don't do that any more. Seconds later, any thought of smoking is gone without a trace.
Dr. Zappellini provided some simple strategies for quickly reducing stress, but smoking has become such a
non-issue that I don't always remember to use them! Now I can start applying them to improve other areas of my life..."

Leah Y. Says

I am a homemaker who has insomnia for over 9 years.  I have seen more than 10 different types of doctors and 11 acupuncturists, taken many different types of pills and herb over the years with no improvements. 
My family doctor then recommended Hypnotherapy with Dr. Zappellini.  I was surprised after 3 sessions, I was able to fall asleep.  I'd recommend Dr. Zappellini to anyone who suffers from insomnia.